My Background

  • I am a data scientist currently looking for an opportunity to contribute my skills to a great team.
  • I worked previously as a scientist with expertise in pharmacology, neuroscience, molecular biology, and genetics. I spent a good chunk of my working life in basic science research trying to understand the molecular and genetic processes involved in neurodegenerative disease pathology, long-term memory formation, and the genetics and metabolic underpinnings of aging. I have published a number of papers in these subjects both as the primary author and as collaborator. I have also served as a mentor for a number of graduate and undergraduate students pursuing their own research interests.
  • I elaborate on this career transition in a bit more detail in this blog entry.

In my spare time

  • Living in the Pacific Northwest Rocks! - I take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors by hiking, cycling, and camping in the summer. Several winter play areas are within driving distance for skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing, and sledding.
  • A lifelong learner, I continue to fortify my data science skillset and solidify my understanding of the field - crafting new data science projects, delving further into understanding techniques and algorithms that I have used, and interacting with the python and machine learning community in Seattle through meetups and networking.